T-shirts crafted from reycled plastic bottles

Eco-conscious Materials

We source our materials meticulously, opting for organic, natural, and recycled fabrics. Each piece you wear tells a story of responsible sourcing and reduced environmental impact.

Our Materials ♻️
Ethical made in Colombia

Proudly Canadian, ethically made in Colombia.

We are partnered with organizations that share our vision for a better future. Our suppliers share the same sustainable philosophy. Behind every garment is a skilled person treated with respect and paid fairly. We're dedicated to providing safe, healthy working conditions and fostering an environment of creativity.

Our Factory Partners

“Sustainable fashion is fashion that’s mindful of its social, environmental, and economic factors. Its fashion developed by companies that pay their workers a living wage, give them safe, healthy working conditions and monitor its environmental impact, taking care to use more sustainable materials and reduce resource use throughout their products’ life cycle.”

- Hannah Kacary, 2021