Our Factory Partners

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All raw materials and production are located in Bogota, Colombia. Our three factory partners are small businesses managed by women and employ mothers as heads of households. Even though they are not our direct employees, we consider them part of our brand. We believe it's important to ensure fair treatment for the makers of our clothes, just as we do for our customers.

Why Colombia?  🇨🇴

Colombia's focus on sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry aligns well with our brand's values. The country's efforts to support single mothers, indigenous communities, and national artisans showcase a dedication to social responsibility. Moreover, the emphasis on equal opportunities and better job practices and conditions demonstrates a commitment to creating a thriving and inclusive fashion ecosystem.

This approach not only contributes to the local economy but also emphasizes a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Supporting underrepresented groups and ensuring fair working conditions are important steps towards creating a positive impact in the fashion industry.


manufacturing process