VIVRE' on the sand

Hi, We are VIVRE'

Proudly an Ontario-based startup brand that desires to positively impact people and the planet through fashion.

VIVRE' meaning

Behind the name

It's our way to say:

l'espoir fait vivre

Where there's life there's hope

Feel proud, not guilty, about your clothing choices.

  • VIVRE' vision


    To become a brand that creates environmental awareness through fashion expression,
    promoting equality and social inclusion.

  • Mission

    the fashion industry by creating sustainable clothing with innovative designs
    and quality materials, providing a positive customer experience that connects
    fashion and the environment.

  • Values

    • Be good to each other
    • We care about our communities and the environment
    • Use our brand to protect nature
    • Embrace risk for positive change
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Women business owner

Our History

Our story is a testament to the power of family, inspiration, passion and a deep-rooted commitment to positively impacting the world.

My mother not only became my guardian but also my greatest inspiration. Despite facing numerous challenges, she never lost sight of her goal of achieving economic independence. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion began with crafting pyjamas for babies. It may sound simple, but it was the beginning of a legacy.

Growing up, I spent my childhood playing in my mother's factory, where the sound of sewing machines always filled the air. There, I discovered the joy of creating clothes for my dolls. By witnessing my mother's business firsthand, I understood how it provided economic benefits for our family and offered employment opportunities, especially for women in vulnerable conditions.

After finishing my university degree in Business in Colombia, I felt the need to challenge myself and explore new horizons. That's why I decided to move to Canada on my own. This experience turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made, as it helped me become more self-reliant and resilient than ever before.

Unfortunately, my mother passed away three years ago. However, her legacy lives on through the company she founded over 40 years ago. Her vision, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit continue to inspire us daily.

During a trip to Colombia in 2021, I had the opportunity to discover sustainable raw materials for the apparel industry. This experience sparked my curiosity about the ecological impact of the fashion industry. I decided to create clothes for personal use with these eco-friendly fabrics. To my amazement, my family, friends, and even strangers in Colombia and Canada loved what I had made.

That moment marked a turning point in my life. Their positive feedback encouraged me to pursue my passion for fashion and business and the opportunity to continue my family's legacy by integrating new technologies and sustainable practices."

During the global pandemic and its numerous challenges, I had the opportunity to present my business idea to the Richmond Hill Small Business Enterprise Centre. The mentorship and support I received there was invaluable, empowering me to launch VIVRE'. Since then, my business has been thriving.

I strongly believe in the transformative power of fashion to inspire change. VIVRE is a brand that represents my values and vision for a better world, and I am proud of its commitment to producing stylish and sustainable clothing with a strong vision of creating a better world.

VIVRE is a symbol of hope and inspiration for those who believe in the power of fashion to make a positive impact.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” - Gandhi